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The witch was alone on her birthday - again! So she bakes a Cake Girl, and tells her to sing 'Happy Birthday' and dance, and smile, and make her laugh - and do all the housework...

'And then,' said the Witch, 'I'll eat you.'

What will Cake Girl do?

A delicious new picture book from the creator of Halibut Jackson and The Robot and the Bluebird.

Would you like to hold your own birthday party?

Download all the things you will need to host a witchtastic party:



Stick the nose on the witch instructions

Stick the nose on the witch poster

Witch party mask

Pumpkin party mask

Apple bobbing game

Eyeball bounce game

Wink murder game

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Publisher: Andersen Press
Edition: Paperback
Published: 2012
Age Range: 0+ years