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The River Singers
by Tom Moorhouse

Four small water voles are about to embark upon a long and perilous journey along the Great River, but will they ever find a safe place to call home? Sumptuously illustrated throughout, this is a book to treasure for ever.

A thrilling tale of adventure, courage, and survival against the odds. Featuring a cast of unforgettable characters, including four adorable water voles, who children and adults will fall in love with. It is gorgeously presented in hardback with charming black and white illustrations throughout.A wonderful gift for Christmas. A sparkling debut from an exceptionally talented new storyteller.

"A wonderful, exciting adventure with appealing characters that you grow to care about. An utterly lovely book and highly recommended." - The Bookbag
"Move over, Ratty. Sylvan's here: An Oxford academic's new children's book could rival 'The Wind in the Willows.'" - Independent on Sunday
'A gripping and moving tale for children.' - Martin Chilton, The Daily Telegraph

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