Story start - Adventure

by: Kerry

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I was walking in the green, leafy woods when I suddenly came across the black

hole of a cave in the hillside. I decided to explore it and crawling on my hands and

knees over the prickly green grass I crept into the dark cave. Once my eyes got

used to the dim light I realized that the cave was not as black as I had thought. I

looked around and saw……

Kerry wrote:

A pair of dark blue piercing eyes staring at me,The fear of dying before my first kiss was terrifying!I froze in horror there was nothing i could do right now,Screaming would be a Wrong.Move.As the fear of being the beast\'s next victim came over me all i could here was the dripping of the dank cold cave,or at least i thought it was,My imagination was having the most amazing time thinking up the most awful things that the human mind could ever imagine then i heard a paw print and the thing came closer and my heart beat faster then suddenly my mind started to scream\"WELL?WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!THE THING TO EAT YOU!?MOVE,RUN!\" My mind told me to run and i agreed with it but my stupid legs didn\'t.As I froze in mid horror the beast...Written by Georgia Wilson

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