Story start - Adventure

by: LUKE

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I was walking in the green, leafy woods when I suddenly came across the black

hole of a cave in the hillside. I decided to explore it and crawling on my hands and

knees over the prickly green grass I crept into the dark cave. Once my eyes got

used to the dim light I realized that the cave was not as black as I had thought. I

looked around and saw……

LUKE wrote:

Lots and lots of gold riches that would last for over 100 years I walked further through the endless tunnels I saw a flash of fire in the corner of my eye and I turned around and there was a massive dragon and it started to blow fire. I sprinted though I couldn't find my way through the tunnels though then I saw a massive metal door with a massive lock on it. I found a golden sword and a shield the dragon blew fire and I blocked it just before it hit me in the face with my shield.(also golden.).I held up my sword and I jumped and slayed the dragon's head off! I cut the lock in half from the door and it made a very loud scraping sound as the sword went through the lock. Though I wasn't safe yet it turned out I hadn't slain or killed the dragon I had just made it worse because the dragon had 3 heads and was very furious! I pushed the metal door open and led into a world there was a sign that said HUMANS BEWARE DRAGONS ARE EVERYWHERE! By know the other dragon was dead I found a notebook it was dusty and old. It was called DRAGON'S NOTEBOOK.

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