A Tale Dark & Grimm Synonym Challenge

by: Anne

Oops, you should have picked spent; debilitated; fatigued; enervated; drained; on one\'s last legs; ready to drop; bone-weary; bone-tired; dog-tired; weary; worn out; tired out; tired
Oops, you should have picked walk about; Walk around; tumble around; tumble about; lie about; lie around; loll around; loll about
Oops, you should have picked upraised; erect; pulled up; pull up; heave up; hauled up; haul up; elevated; elevate; raise aloft; lifted; lifted up; lift; Raised up; Raising; Raised; Raise up; Raise
Oops, you should have picked Slicing it; Slicing; Slice; Cleave; Hacking it off; Hack it; Hack off; Hacking; Hacking it; Hacking off; Hack; Chopping it; Chopping it off; Chopping off; Chop; Cut; Chop off; Cutting it; Cutting it off; Cutting off; Cut off
Oops, you should have picked Unyielding; Unsurpassable; Unbeatable; Secure; Resistant; Irrepressible; Invulnerable; Invincible; Insuperable; Innate; Indomitable; Impregnable; Indefeasible
Oops, you should have picked Proudly; Gleefully; Jubilant; Successfully; Victoriously ; Celebratory
Oops, you should have picked Immensely; Exceedingly; Fully; Thoroughly; Extremely; Absolutely; Totally; Entirely; Completely; Very much; Warmly; Genuinely; Wholeheartedly; Sincerely
Oops, you should have picked Grim; Sober; Grave; Serious; Earnest; Solemn
Oops, you should have picked Grouchy; Cross; Grumpy; Fed up; Down; Low; Unhappy; Depressed; Miserable; Melancholy; Pessimistic; Sombre; Unsociable; Unresponsive; Taciturn; Uncommunicative; Humourless; Unsmiling; Moody; Glum; Sour; Surly; Dour; In a bad mood; Ill-tempered; Bad-tempered; Gloomy; Sulky; Sullen
Oops, you should have picked straightened out; straightened; layed out; opened; opened out; unfurled; disentangled; loosened; untwisted; untwined; unraveled; Unreeled; Undid; Uncoiled; Unrolled

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