Dog in No-Man\'s-Land: Write about an animal

by: South Tyneside Libraries

South Tyneside Libraries wrote:

In what seems like a lifetime ago, nature was free to roam the Earth. Birds would sing sweetly all day long, gargantuan trees would drop their apples to creatures passing by, beautiful flowers would tease and taunt the stripy bees and Mother Nature would perch on her grass-covered throne. At night, me and the other owls would do our job. A very dangerous job. We’d steal food from Man’s house to feed to the creatures in our area. Man are unusual creatures with no fur or feathers. They wear strange materials on their body and a fur-like substance on their heads. Man have never supported Mother Nature’s animals. Thankfully, Man are always resting when we steal. We try to find killed animals so Man cannot eat them and we can bury them. As time went by, about 30 creatures started to die every year. Mother Nature was upset but she stayed strong. At winter, Man built large buildings for Young Man which led them to putting vast fences around our fields. In summer, Young Man would pull up Daisies and tie them together. They would stamp on all of the insects they came across. But nowadays, it’s a living hell. There are very few areas for us to live because Man has created immense buildings and murderous fences on top our homes. Even worse, Man have now invaded our habitat and brought strange, silver sticks with them. We learnt after a few days that these sticks are killing machines. At around midday every day, Man would point their sticks at creatures and they would do something with their bizarre paws. Then a microscopic thing would fly out of the stick and enter a creature’s heart. There is always a scream, a thud as the creature falls and then a ringing silence. It is midday now so I’m waiting for Man to appear. Right on cue, with their savage sticks, Man creep into our habitat with ruthless expressions on their faces. I only awake when Man come, at funerals and when summoned during daylight hours. My best friend, Sophia the barn owl, is staring fixedly at Man with curiosity. Man is staring right back at her although there expression is greedy. Understanding is now dawning in my mind; Man is going to slaughter Sophia. They point their sticks at her, make their abnormal paw gesture then… “NO!” I shriek. To Man, owls speaking sound like hooting. Man whirls around and points the stick at me. There is a loud BANG and I flutter over to Sophia’s branch. BANG, BANG, goes the stick but we are already soaring through the air. We disembark on a nearby tree and peer around. I can still hear the BANG sounds and Man’s infuriated shouts in the distance. “Mother Nature’s dying,” Sophia starts to sob. “I know,” I say calmly, “We live in an awful waste-land. But someday, we’ll live in a better place. We’ll spread our wings’ and fly away.”

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