Story start - Adventure

by: Debbie

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I was walking in the green, leafy woods when I suddenly came across the black

hole of a cave in the hillside. I decided to explore it and crawling on my hands and

knees over the prickly green grass I crept into the dark cave. Once my eyes got

used to the dim light I realized that the cave was not as black as I had thought. I

looked around and saw……

Debbie wrote:

a small green light flickering from the back of the cave. As I made way towards it it flickered off and then on again. As I moved towards the back of the cave I realised the green light was getting bigger. Finally I saw that the light was an eye. It belonged to a small scaly creature with a long tail. As I got nearer it turned and moved away deeper and deeper into the cave. As crept slowly forward and the creature seemed to wait for me to get closer before moving forward. I followed the creature in this way for about 5 minutes and suddenly .... to be continued 2 people have liked this.